Custom Software and Network Solutions

What We Do

We are an innovative technology company providing effective solutions to Canadian companies. We are actively involved in providing project management, network design, security solutions and software development.

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We design, develop and deliver software applications on time and on budget. We have written software on both Unix and Windows, using many programming languanges. We choose the tools that get the job done and provide the most cost effective solution.


We have planned, implemented and supported networks from one server with a few workstations to over eighty servers and hundreds of workstations across 50 locations.


We design, build and manage firewall and VPN solutions using OpenBSD, a secure derivative of the Unix operating system. We can also deliver effective mail and web filtering.

Past Projects

Accounting Software

We have written, modified and supported a variety of accounting applications on a wide variety of server and desktop platforms.

Infrastructure Replacement

We replaced all of the software and hardware in over 50 stores within a retail chain. We resolved compatibility problems between multi-vendor software applications. We advised the Payroll Department during a new software roll-out across Western Canada. Created a Call Center for improved corporate support including hiring and trained staff. Created an internal corporate web site and wrote on-line Operating Procedures for company processes. Advised IT staff on operational and performance issues relating to infrastructure changes.

NOC Relocation

We are particularly proud of this one. We moved over 200 servers and related networking equipment from an old computer bunker to a new computer bunker without disrupting business operations. We were involved in resource planning, risk analysis, scheduling and the actual move of equipment. The long nights resulted in a very happy customer who complimented our effort to bring the project in ahead of schedule.